The flip of a switch

HEART BREAK once again a topic that crosses my mind.

She has been through it, he came home finally, she got dressed up and looked her best hoping for one ounce of remorse for breaking her heart and nothing. His heart soaked in arrogance, his skin soaked with alcohol, his mind corrupt by selfishness. 

The guy she fell in love with is replaced by a complete stranger, the boy who once felt pain at the sight of her tears has vanished and now he probably feels nothing. She flipped the switch that night and found her friends waiting with open arms and a few shots of tequila.

He also flipped the switch and she fears for what is waiting for him. Empty hook ups, empty promises and and empty future?

It took one week to get back up on her feet and to prove she isn’t weak and doesn’t need someone who can’t even listen to her when she is at her lowest, when her world is breaking. She found her own two feet.

There are two people in the world, those who will inspire you and those who will break you, in the end you will thank both


At the end of every difficult obstacle you have the choice of flipping the switch, to try shut out the hurt, pain, disappointment or whatever emotions you are feeling and turn them into a positive, deal with it better than everyone is expecting you to. You were thrown off the edge and you landed on your own two feet by yourself. You don’t need anymore in the world than faith in yourself and the motivation to live your own life the way you love to.

Live the life you love

Love the life you live

– Lloyd Dickerson





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