This is my life

This is my life, I’ve got the whole world in front of me. This is our time, don’t slip away, I’ve made up my mind, this is my life.

~ Sleeping With Sirens “Let’s Cheers To This”

So a little while ago I tried to take this approach to keep my feelings to myself about most things but, alas, I am such a big mouth and not expressing how I feel makes things worse. So I go extreme and voice my opinion on a social network because you know that’s how we do things these days and can you believe it I get 25 comments, majority of them hacked off people by my silly status. Funny how you have all these “friends” but they don’t even know you well enough to know that causing a little bit of trouble is what I like to do, I very knowingly put that status up knowing it would get a rouse and the silly flies flew straight into my web of deviousness. Some comments were more extreme than others and then the social media warfare just got out of control and became personal entertainment for myself and a few others. My question is; how come all those people feel justified to attack me for what I said, clearly feeling they have a right to their opinion, but in doing so they are denying me my right to my opinion? Not that I actually care that they don’t like what I said I am just curious as to how the minds of these people work. Personally I think if I got upset over every status that someone wrote about disliking something I do, I would be one unhappy person. I can be overwhelming at times, very loud and silly and people don’t like that but tough for them, they are missing out.

This year has been a year of lessons and I am just grateful and next year will be the same and every year after that. You really can never know everything, you can never be 100% the person you can be at any point, everyday is an opportunity to learn and grow and change. Imagine being the same every day of your life? Imagine getting to a point where you had nothing more to learn or experience or no more room to grow? Just hearing a story about someone you love, learning or their achievements or heartache is a moment you change or grow because you are opening your mind and heart and emotions to that person and their lives and their change effects you.

Watching how people handle experiences publicly and personally is an indication of their handle on life, you can also see their sense of security within themselves. Baring in mind everyone has times where they handle situations badly and have those moments where you just think “whaaaaaat are they doing?” BUT there is a difference between those moments and a clear pattern of bad behaviour. If something I say can make you act like a total psycho then perhaps you need to look into why what I say upsets you so much, unless I am being a total harsh bitch well then that’s all on me.

Remember when they said that what we want could never be done, well look who’s laughing now. We’ll do what we want to.

~~ Sleeping With Sirens “Do It Now, Remember It Later”

You have to live your life everyday how you want to, how you are feeling, where ever your dreams are taking you in that moment. People discover their destinies at different times at different paces but you will never find it sitting back and doing it the way other people expect you to. Do what you want to. This is my life, this is our time!

PS ~ HAPPY SPRING DAY Southern Hemisphere



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