Walk tall in the footsteps of our shadow

Have you ever looked at your shadow and found the shapes odd? Just because of a different contour on the wall or a gap in the fence? I’m sure everyone has made little animals or faces with their hands with their shadows against the wall or floor when they were kids and most definitely when they got a bit older.

I have thought a lot about how different a shadow can be in comparison to the object it belongs to, how it can be obscured and manipulated depending on other objects near it or blocking it and how the actual object, or more specifically person, that the shadow it belongs to can manipulate to the way they want it so look. This is a huge metaphor for life. A person will face obstacles that block them, that change their views and perceptions about life, about a situation, about a person. But just like those obstacles can change one’s perception that person also has the power to change it like how they can change how a shadow looks on a wall just by making different shapes with their hands. A person has the ability to manipulate and change their lives and situations to see a different side or perspective that can make a difference but they will always have a part of themselves there. Where there is a light, there is a shadow. You can make your shadow bigger to tower over obstacles, you can shrink your shadow or make it disappear all together. It just all depends on how much light you want in your life, how you want to see things, which ways you are willing to bend and change in order to see the different shapes and animals on the wall. Walk tall in the footsteps of your shadow.



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