The world is full of idiots

Why girls are dumb and boys are even dumber, well the ones in this story

Once upon a time lived this pretty frikken awesome girl who fell in love with a guy she never really thought she would ever fall for. They have this whirl wind adventure of a relationship and then break up. boo hoo it’s not all that bad because they kind of chilled and it was really for the best because instead of trying to fix things the idiot boy ran away and she deserves more but that’s not even why he is an idiot.

FIRSTLY why she is an idiot. When your man talks to other girls and makes plans to see them when they just disappear for the day you should take this as a red flag especially if you have never heard about her. If your guy has a close enough chick friend to go and visit on his little adventure half an hour from where you stay then you should know about her or at least have heard her name being mentioned. The fact that her name is non existent in your memory means he wants her to be non existent in your memory so that you can’t ask questions. And she catches him a few times, listens to his lies and lets it keep happening and no matter how much her heart hurts, no matter how many tears fall she kisses him good night and good morning for months after that. The idiot forces herself to believe the lies and believes her loves her enough to keep her as his only one. Emotional cheating might not technically be cheating but it hurts almost as much. Any girl that reads this and thinks I am being dramatic or paranoid or whatever you are either single or making excuses, honesty is so important and you don’t even realise what a lack of honesty can do to you until it’s months down the line and you realise what an idiot you have been. And this is just one scenario.

NOW why he is an idiot. This dummy has had her heart in his hands for years, had a girl who loved him more than anything and literally did everything he asked and what does he do? He keeps all these chicks on the side, stupid girls as well because they knew he was taken but oh no they fall for his stupid charming ways and still tells his girl he loves her everyday. He chats to them behind her back, calls them beautiful, makes plans, keeps them dangling so when the time comes that he makes the mistake of letting her go instead of working harder he has options. Great you moron, a few one night stands. 

Why she is still an idiot

You know that tough girl that pretends she is alright and moving on and bla bla but in fact her heart just hurts a little less and less because each dumb thing he does breaks a little piece of her heart so there is less to hurt. That’s this girl. And what does she do? This idiot looks after him when he is drunk, when he is moody, when he is tired or injured and her reward is to hear about the girls he hooked up the night before. That idiot puts herself through it all because deep down she doesn’t want him out her life. He used to be her best friend, the guy who made her feel beautiful when she lost confidence, who told her she was smart when the world saw her as stupid, who pushed her to be successful when she couldn’t see a bright future and now she looks at him and all those memories seem like a dream, like they happened a million years ago. Unfortunately he is sifting through the wad of girls that waited so patiently for him and all her insecurities become a sad reality. She wasn’t the only one, maybe just number one for a time.


The world is full of idiots


In the night, I hear them talk the coldest story ever told
Somewhere far along this road, she lost her soul
To a man so heartless 
How could you be so heartless 




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