You’re the reason why I can write a different story

It’s always a bit of a struggle when you fall in love with someone and that someone breaks your heart. You start making unrealistic promises about never dating again or waiting four years or making rules about what type of person you will or won’t date, but then one day you find yourself with someone else and this is like four months after your break up. You feel like you can love again and it’s so much fun, you are happy and they are happy and it’s all rainbows and butterflies. Unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, this is commonly known as a rebound. Might last two weeks or two months but it won’t really last forever because the reality is you still love your ex as much as they suck or hurt you, but that is how you know it was love.

Don’t lose hope though, there is in fact someone out there who is going to surprise you and they will come along at the most random or perfect time. Maybe it will be a stranger you meet at a bar or the cute guy who asked you for your number in the coffee shop that you have been chatting with for a while or it could be someone who has been in your life for a really long time that you suddenly can’t go a day without talking to.

This person could be the real deal. You have had your grieving stage, you have kicked and screamed and cried and had your rebound guys or girls. This person just gives you that feeling of relief, of pure happiness. Your ex isn’t on your mind, any person they might be hooking up with or starting a relationship with doesn’t give you that panging chest in your chest anymore because this beautiful new person has given you blank pages to write a different story. Their smile makes you smile, you can’t be mad at them for long because that is a waste of time and they just make you happy. This person understands you. You get a bit nervous because you don’t want to scare them away, you don’t want them to dislike the things your ex disliked but they surprise you because they like all of you, even the annoying parts and that is why they are here now and your ex is your ex. You can talk everyday and not be bored, you can sit together in silence and enjoy each others company. You laugh together and you are silly together and one day you cry and no one looks good crying but this person holds you close and makes you feel beautiful, they hold all the weight of the world with you and you know you won’t be alone, even if this person is half way across the world , as long as you have each other.

This sounds like a lot of moosh that came straight from the script of some romcom but it is real if it feels real. The world is about money and success and yes that is important but at the end of the day you want someone to share that with, someone who loves you, who needs and wants you just as much as you need and want them. Write your own love story




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