I’ll take you at your word

In time you’ll find that we can sober up,
clean up any dirt so we can open up

~ Sleeping with Sirens
These wounds have been open for forever now.

So she finally woke up, she sobered up from a long journey of life and love and realised it was over, it was the end. No more walking on water and living with her head in the clouds. He was gone and she was alone. Or so she thought. As she dusted off her black dress and cleaned herself up she looked around to find clarity, to find happiness, to find smiles. Love was not a battle anymore, happiness was not fickle and her journey was not entirely over, a chapter was just ending, people we’re  living and things were changing in order to make room for new people and different experiences.

Come on, be strong.
Your mind has gotten the best of you.
You’ve done enough and you are enough.
Let’s fall asleep tonight,
I’ll hold you close and show you you’re not broken.

You said it, you said it
I’ll take you at your word.
These promises that you can’t keep,
it’s getting harder to hold on.
You said it, you said it
don’t ever let me fall.
Don’t give up because you’re


You haven’t lost


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